Just a Bit Wrong (#4): There's nothing wrong with my 5 stars

Just a Bit Wrong Just a Bit Wrong by Alessandra Hazard
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OMG, I NEVER THOUGHT THIS DAY WOULD ARRIVE. I’m giving 5 stars to a book from the weirdest series I’ve ever read.

Seriously, I’m shocked.

This one is so different from the previous books that for a moment I forgot that it was from the same series. It had a major improvement in the plot and even the writing was a bit different. God, it was awesome.

I hated Tristan on the last book, he is an insufferable bastard and he’s not very different in here but we get to know why he’s that way and I LOVE HIM. He has a bunch of issues because he’s orphan and he’s dad was a dick and shit, he hasn’t had things easy. Though that shouldn’t be an excuse to be such a prick but Tristan owns a piece of my heart now so I forgive him.

Zach is the straight one in this story. He’s responsible, focused and he has always taken care of his siblings so that helped him to know how to handle difficult patients. I liked that he doesn’t let Tristan get away with his shit. He’s in an open relationship and he’s about to get married but somehow he’s drawn to Tristan.

Tristan has a particular way to get under Zach’s skin that drives him crazy. It was refreshing that Zach didn’t panic about being with a guy. But he’s always been so practical that when Tristan pushes all the right (and wrong) bottoms, he kinda loses his shit because he doesn’t get why he’s so out of control when he’s around him. Zach hates him until he finds out why Tristan is the way he is and he just falls head over heels in love. *sigh*

I loved Tristan and Zach together. I liked their chemistry. Their similar personalities make their relationship so explosive and so hot (they’re both stubborn and they always want to have the last word). This book has the best sex so far, it’s rough and dirty. I don’t know but there’s something compelling about being attracted to someone you despised. Weird, right?

This story has everything that the other first 3 books didn’t have. The banter was good and the girlfriend wasn't a pain in the ass.

What else can I say? I liked bitchy Tristan and snarky Zach so much.

Oh, did I mention there’s spank? Hell yes!

Nothing better than a bit of kink to make this book way more interesting.

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