Just a Bit Twisted (#1):I was left a bit Twisted after reading this

Just a Bit Twisted Just a Bit Twisted by Alessandra Hazard
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Hot teacher

Needy student

Age gap

Adorable kids

Feels-good-low-angst story

What’s not to like?

I really enjoyed it but there were some extremely unbelievable moments that no, please…..

I can’t give it more stars because of that and because of the kids….. I didn’t like how the author managed the situation with them; they were some kind of props to fill in the plot and I was constantly rolling my eyes. Shawn was supposed to take care of them but whenever he had the chance he’ll leave those cute girls aside while he was having dirty and nasty sex with his naughty professor.

But whatever, I’m currently avoiding deep and angsty stories so that may be the reason why I liked it so much.

PS: That cover is hideous! Uhg.

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