Mostrando entradas de 2017

Blood & Thunder: just as amazing as the first one

Hell & High Water: the first book of the THIRD series rocks!

A friends-to-lovers story is Just a Bit Confusing

Evenfall (Volume #2): You can't put it down, you can't stop thinking about it

A Kind of Romance was kind of frustrating for me

A Kind of Truth: Funny, kinky, sweet and hot. What else do I want?

Evenfall (Volume #1): I flat-out loved the world building and the characters development

First and First (Five Boroughs series #3): Another amazing romance story from Santino

Coache’s Challenge is a feel-good and low-angst story

Empty Net covers difficult subjects such as eating disorders, self-loathing, emotional and physical abuse

Power Play: A book I devoured in one sitting

False Start: The push and pull of the characters wasn't very enjoyable

Enemy Within by Tal Bauer (#3): A ending that will leave you emotionally exhausted

Enemy of My Enemy by Tal Bauer (#2): Happiness, awe, shock, anger, tears, screams broken hearts. Name it. I’ve done it all. I’ve felt it all.

Enemies of the State by Tal Bauer (#1): Love, action, suspense, conspiracy, betrayal, angst. It has it all!

September by Robert Winder: A story that made everyone cry but me

Arrows through Archer: a beautiful written story full of angst, sorrow and grief

P.S. I Spook You: Criminal Minds and Ghost Whisperer combined to create this amazing story

Just a Bit Wrong (#4): There's nothing wrong with my 5 stars

Just a Bit Unhealthy (#3): A twisted gay-for-you story...

Just a Bit Obsessed (#2): Chris is the owner of these 2 stars

Just a Bit Twisted (#1):I was left a bit Twisted after reading this

Suki Fleet brings us a freaking rollercoaster of emotions with her book This is Not a Love Story

Bullet (Blue Boy #1) by Garrett Leigh wasn't a story for me.

Reading Sings: The only way I could ever stand baseball. Excellent characters, awesome plot!

The Weight of It All by N.R. Walker: Enjoyable read with imperfect and real characters

The Prince and the Omega: a shifter story that I hated

Trained by N.M. Pratt: It is a feels-good-low-angst and slow-burn story

Broken by Nicola Haken: A heartbreaking story

Ready For Love by Stella Starling: Sappy, cute, sweet and uncomplicated

Review: Hard Wired