A friends-to-lovers story is Just a Bit Confusing

Just a Bit Confusing Just a Bit Confusing by Alessandra Hazard
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LOL, I don’t know if I read the same book as everyone because I definitely didn’t love this story. I liked it, but it wasn’t something spectacular. Other ‘friends to lovers’ story with a very confused MC and a very confused Dani………….. I haven't seen a title more accurate than this one. (uhg, I hate the cover btw)

Ryan and Jamie have been best friends since they were little. Jamie is in love with his very straight friend who sees him like a ‘little’ brother and thinks it will be really gross to be with Jamie. Yep, ouch.

This story is very similar to Jared and Gabe’s in Just a Bit Unhealthy because their relationship was a bit unhealthy too. Ryan only felt a brotherly love toward Jamie but he seemed to be unable to keep his hand or his lips away from him -you know, typical best friends thing that is always kissing you even more than your boyfriend (just in case, I'm being sarcastic)-, he was always groping him but yeah... He doesn’t want Jamie for a sexual or a romantic purpose.

What I didn’t like was how Ryan was messing up with Jamie’s head the whole book; it took him AGES to find out how he really felt about Jamie. The whole book was Ryan saying he really didn’t want him that way and Jamie moping around until near 95% that’s when Ryan had some kind of enlightenment and his life is solved miraculously.

I admit it; it’s a really entertaining story. Somehow, Hazzard unrealistic story and messed up characters have certain appealing. Though, I don’t know if I want a psychologist for the characters or for the author… I haven’t figured it out yet but if I keep reading this series the one who’ll need a psychologist will be me. (Seriously, I may actually need one 'cause I don't get why I still want to keep reading this series, Hazard has some weird spell on me.)

Well *shrug*, I guess I like constantly rolling my eyes with the stupid things I read here. God, this was an inducing eye roll story. Besides, I can’t deny I have fun reading this book because is so ridiculous and I adore criticizing it, LOL.

I still love Tristan and Zach, those two are my favorite and I loved seeing Tristan again <3

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