First and First (Five Boroughs series #3): Another amazing romance story from Santino

First and First First and First by Santino Hassell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I read this book a while ago but I had completely forgotten to review and to rate it.

Another amazing romance story from Santino. I didn’t know I was going to love it so much but Caleb hooked me from the very beginning and believe me when I say I didn’t see that coming because I hated him from Sunset Park. I thought he was a pretentious prick but Oh.My.God.
I just clicked with him so fast… I guess it was a combination of Santino’s amazing writing style and Caleb’s thoughts. His pain and the way he felt so lost sucked me completely into the story, it gave me so many explanations of why he behaved that way in Sunset Park that made it impossible for me to keep hating him.

I was already curious about Oli since I met him in the previous book and If I’m honest, I started reading this because of him but I won’t keep saying how much I loved this book and how I don’t regret a single second of this book, I promise.

Santino certainly knows how to write hot sex because Oli and Caleb together were on fire! These two had so much chemistry and the best thing of all is their relationship doesn’t spin around hot sex only; we get some serious relationship and personal development, which I absolutely adore!

Besides, those who are not a fan of Santino’s work, you should know that he usually gives us characters that aren’t perfect, that have flaws and that sometimes are pretty messed up. This wasn't heavy in the angst department, but yeah, Caleb had some issues to resolve to be completely happy, so you won't get back-to-back sex.

To end my praises to Santino I’ll just say that I enjoyed side characters of this story, they were pretty awesome too. Aidan is by far my favorite; he was funny and pretty laid-back. I liked to read more about him because he obviously had a rough past.

I’m looking forward to rereading it pretty soon. It’s one of my favorite books from this series, Oli and Caleb go directly to my ‘best-couple’ shelf.

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