Enemies of the State by Tal Bauer (#1): Love, action, suspense, conspiracy, betrayal, angst. It has it all!

Enemies of the State Enemies of the State by Tal Bauer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh man, wow.

I was nervous at first because I’m not a fan of politics and I was afraid I may put it down, but I just needed to give it a chance and dear lord!

I… couldn’t… stop… reading...

I was in the mood for something with a little bit more of action, that's why I ended up with this book. So happy it didn't disappoint me!

Love, action, suspense, conspiracy, betrayal, angst. It has it all!

Right now I can barely hold myself awake because I stayed up till 2 am finishing this. So I apologize for my ramblings. I was like: ‘one last chapter’… and then BUM! Something happened and it made me keep reading it. I was on the edge of my bed the whole night!

I wanted to scream, to laugh, to cry, *screams* I felt too much.

The beginning was a bit slow, but I get it because it's the first book and there were lots of introductions to be made. At 30% is when the romance starts to pick up and God, this was a sweet torture!!

I’m a sucker for slow burns and this completely did it for me! I adore their relationship, they’re super cute and their texts were so adorable and I couldn’t stop grinning like a high school girl.

The tension and the longing between Jack and Ethan were so intense and the plot just thickened with every page which made the story way better!

Bauer created a great story and all his characters were amazing, really well developed. I really like Collard and Daniels, those are really good friends man!

His writing style just sucked me more into the story and the banters were good! Silly and cheesy at times but those are my favorites so I really enjoyed them. Though I did some skimming, especially on politics moments that I truly didn’t get and on some in-depth description that Bauer gives because I just couldn’t keep up with a number of details. (It’s not a bad thing, now that I think of; I may have skimmed a bit mostly due to my lack of sleep.)

*4.5 stars!*

I can’t wait to start the next book but first I need to sleep.

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