Just a Bit Obsessed (#2): Chris is the owner of these 2 stars

Just a Bit Obsessed Just a Bit Obsessed by Alessandra Hazard
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

2 stars.

This definitely wasn’t for me. Thank God, it was a short book, otherwise, I wouldn’t have finished it.

The only thing I liked was Chris because he was snarky and flirty. He just made me laugh and he helped me a lot to finish this...

Now, I’m gonna start rambling about what I didn’t like:

The threesomes and the girlfriend.

I usually don’t have problems with threesomes, but I had problems with this one because I mostly felt it as a cheating… I have read pretty steamy threesomes where the MCs don’t change their feelings about their partner…

To me, it was like Alec was cheating his girlfriend just in front of her face! C’mon dude!

It was undeniable that Alec’s girlfriend was the freaking third wheel between him and Chris. I was so relieved when Chris stopped agreeing with this shit.

Dios mío, I’m SO frustrated right now that I can't think properly in English.

BESIDES, they didn’t even have sex without her around! Not even after Alec dumped her. I’m so mad. Was it really necessary having her around until the end?

And obviously, this story was utterly unbelievable as the first one. That may be the pattern with this author. MCs’ love didn’t feel real to me. They did not spend too much time together and when they did, they were with the freaking girlfriend, or Shawn, or Alec’s cousins (I forgot his name, hehe). Not to mention that Chris didn’t even know what he liked about Alec *SNORT*

So yeah… That’s it. That was my rambling :-).

I’ll keep reading the series because my dear friend Vir told me they get better and I trust you honey!

Besides I like the little bit I read about Alec’s cousin and the French guy (whatever their names are)

PS: What's the deal with these hideous covers?

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