Hell & High Water: the first book of the THIRD series rocks!

Hell & High Water Hell & High Water by Charlie Cochet
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m officially obsessed with THIRD series. I noticed they’re quite popular but if it weren’t for Wendy, I wouldn’t have started this amazing series.

It’s kinda hard to explain what this book is about and I won’t even try because it seems that everyone has already read it, I'm just getting late to the party and they already wrote amazing reviews so I'm keeping this short and sweet.

There weren’t many things I didn’t like, I actually think it was just two things:

The steamy moments.- I’d have liked more of those because Dex and Sloan are so hot together!

The mystery.- Pfft, it was easy to guess who the bad guy was, even though I was more interested in knowing the ‘why’, I would have liked that Cochet would have put my mind to work a little bit harder. Around 45% I already knew who was behind the bad things happening and it was a bummer for me because I adore a good mystery.

What I really, really like:

Dex.- God, he was SO funny, I was constantly laughing my ass off with everything he said or did. It makes the book lighter and I love he’s so caring and a little bit naïve.

Sloan.- *fanning myself* the hot jaguar shifter. Ok, this is weird, I’ve never read anything with a bunch of kittens shifter but it was awesome. Sloan is the typical broody MC with a secret past and a broken heart. It was nice seeing the contrast between him and Dex and how Dex managed to get relatively close to him. I like that Sloan embraced his attraction to Dex and he doesn’t push him away.

The team.- Every one of them was awesome! I like how they take care of each other and OH JESUS, I can’t wait to get to read Cael and Ash’s or Calvin and Hodd’s books.

The world building.- It was pretty impressive too. It’s nice to see that the author invested herself creating something good!

This book is the perfect mix of action and romance with a bit of extra that includes good banter and a steamy couple! What's there not to like? Not to mention there's not insta-love!! It's weird to find a shifter book without it because you know most shifter bonds pretty quickly so it was a nice change. I can't wait to see how Dex and Sloan relationship develops!!!

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