A Kind of Romance was kind of frustrating for me

A Kind of Romance A Kind of Romance by Lane Hayes
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Kind of romance was kind of frustrating for me…

Don’t get me wrong, it was a good read but there was something that didn’t work for me.

This book is about Zeke and Benny. We saw Benny in Kind of Truth, he’s Will’s colorful and fabulous friend and Zeke is the bagel store owner’s son who we didn’t actually meet in the previous book but he was casually mentioned once.

Benny started to work in George’s bagel shop after Rand left. He and Zeke meet in the hospital after George faints and hurts his head and almost out of the blue George wants to set up Zeke with Benny. Both men agree to go out on a few dates to get George out of their hair and they develop a kind of ‘friend with benefits’ relationship.

Zeke and Benny couldn’t be more opposite. Zeke is a stoic and well-loaded guy who works at Wall Street and Benny is a flashy and wacky Italian guy who dresses the way he wants, does whatever he wants and dyes his hair in different colors almost every day.

I gotta point out that Zeke had lots of issues. His boyfriend cheated on him, his father wasn’t always as supportive as he is now and that made him very resentful and wary in life. But dude, I don't think he needed to to be overcomplicated. Not to mention that sometimes I just didn’t get his behavior.

I had some issues with Zeke from the very beginning, especially when he thought that Benny was ‘too gay’. What the heck? For me, there isn’t such a thing as ‘too gay’! You both like men, you both like cock, you are both gay. Period. The way Benny dresses doesn’t make him ‘gayer’ than a man who wears suits and doesn’t dye his hair! *eye roll*

I guess what kept me from loving this story as much as I loved the previous book was Zeke. His attitude drove me crazy, he was too predictable. He just annoyed the hell out of me, he was so self-focused and his need for revenge was absurd to me.

As I said, he was overcomplicated and the problems he had with Benny almost at the end would’ve been easily avoided if he just had walked away from his asshole ex-boyfriend but he had this thing of wanting to prove he was better than everyone and his huge ego was what brought him lots of troubles.

*takes a deep breath*

Moving forward, I liked Benny very much and I think he and Zeke were cute together but I am not head over heels with their relationship, the sex was hot but I found myself skimming it after 60% because being too much time in Zeke’s head was giving me an aneurysm.

I can’t deny Lane’s style his really good, her stories are usually pretty realistic and that can be good and bad at the same time. It can be bad because sometimes I don’t like to read about people I’ll usually avoid. If I encountered myself with someone like Zeke I will a.- smash his head against the wall till he stops being so self-focused or b.- run in the opposite direction before I smash his head against the wall and he presents charges against me. LOL

Overall, it’s a good read. Don’t mind me; I just don’t stand people like Zeke in general but if you don’t have the same issues like me, you’ll probably enjoy this more than me.

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