False Start: The push and pull of the characters wasn't very enjoyable

False Start False Start by Alison Hendricks
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Ok, you should know that I usually don’t read series in order if their books are standalone. I usually start with those that catch my attention the most. I already read book 1 and 3 and when I read book 3 I got curious with what happened with Mills so I thought I should give it a chance. Besides, I really liked Hendricks style so far so I knew I may enjoy this as well.

Was it good? *cringes*

I actually enjoy book 1 and 3 better than this one.

Mitch is the new guy on the team, he looks like Thor and he comes from a wealthy family. He has one year to prove himself to his asshole dad or else he’ll finish his studies in Yale. Dante is the opposite from Mitch, he’s black and he comes from a family that has always struggle to pay the bills and he wants to play in the NFL to help his mom but before the season begins, the Coach decides that everyone on the team has to prove themselves in practice to play in each game so Dante won’t have it so easy anymore. Mitch and Dante’s relationship complicates because both are fighting to have a place as LB.

When I read the blurb I thought it was going to be enemies to lovers story but NO, it wasn’t like that at all. Dante was very friendly to Mitch till the coach makes them compete against each other to have a place on the games. And even so, I didn’t feel like both were competing. It was just Dante, Mitch was lost in his lustful thoughts. Things were always hot and cold between these two. They were always screwing things up and apologizing after The.Whole.Freaking.Book.

It has too much sex off pages; I think it only had at least three sex scenes and they were like porn, in and out. I found myself skimming them. And their connection didn’t feel real to me. It was constantly compared to Derek and Jason’s connection from book 1.

Dante was a prejudicial motherfucker. Just because Mitch’s dad had money he thought Mitch was being some pretentious douche bag when he wasn’t! The one who was always an asshole was Dante and I hate that Mitch was kind and understandable and he never got mad. NEVER! I don’t know how he put up with Dante. Maybe because he had a serious case of insta-lust almost insta-love. And God Mitch!!! He had the habit of poking his nose in places where no one called him.

And I don’t know, I didn’t like how Mitch was always wasting *his father’s money* and when they finally ended up together I don’t like that he invites Dante to live with him when the place isn’t his, I mean, that place it's being pay with his dad's money, right? Things could have gone pretty bad (worse than they already were) if his dad had found out his awful gay son was living with his boyfriend.

Not to mention Hendricks left some loose strings. I don’t know what happened with Mitch’s dad at the end, I don’t know if he cut him loose or what. What did happen with his tuition after they broke their deal? She didn’t mention that aspect afterward and the end was a bit rush. I would have preferred to know more about what Mitch was gonna do with his life now, it was obvious what Dante was going to do though and I didn’t like that epilogue at all.

I still prefer book 1 and 3. I didn’t feel passion, chemistry, connection. NOTHING. I don’t know what they like from each other. I don’t even think Dante would have felt something for Mitch if it weren’t for the little accident they had in the locker room.

*2.5 stars*

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