Broken by Nicola Haken: A heartbreaking story

BrokenBroken by Nicola Haken

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“I’m broken, Theodore. I always have. I always will be.”

This is such emotional story. It contains lots of drama, mental illness, self-harmed scene which may be uncomfortable for some readers.

I was hooked from the very beginning of this book. Theodore is such wonderful character, he’s funny, sexy and he definitely isn’t a fan of one night stands.

He starts working at a Publishing House because that has always been his dream. He accepts the job mostly because he’s a writer himself and he wants to see the process of bringing someone else’s imagination and dreams to life.

“I’m not just a reader or a writer; I inhale written words like they’re my oxygen.”

His POVs were amazing, the way he perceives the world is unique.

“People intrigue me. Life intrigues me. I see a story behind every set of eyes I meet, history in every voice.”

He knows how to see beyond people’s armors. And when he meets James, Theo can see right through him.

James is the CEO in the company where Theo is working, and after a wild Friday night, they didn’t expect to see each other again.

James is beautiful, arrogant, cocky and hides a darkness that threatens to swallow him. That’s why he never lets anyone get close to him. But he can’t help himself with Theo.

“I’ve never allowed myself to become attached. The funny thing is I didn’t allow myself to get attached to Theodore. I was simply powerless to stop it.”

After their rough beginning, they start hanging out together and Theo kinda pushes James to be in a relationship. Even when James doesn’t feel capable of being in one, he does his best for Theo and because James thinks that Theo deserves better he tells him about his illness…

“My mind isn’t fun. It’s dark. Twisted.”

I don’t know what else to say. This story literary WRECKED ME. It isn’t easy to read, it took me time to go through it because I couldn’t stop crying.

I didn't read the blurb, I was completely blind when I got this gem on my precious Kindle. I had a lump in my throat since I found James’s problems. God, it literally broke my heart. I’ve never read about this illness, but Haken did a great job helping me understand a little bit more about it.

I was emotionally connected with these MCs. If they suffered, I’ll suffer too. And trust me, I suffered a lot. They definitely went to hell but they found a way to come back stronger and ready to face new problems.

Obviously it had a HEA, otherwise, you wouldn't be seeing me here. I would have been in a dark corner crying forever and ever.

5 starts. Highly recommended read.

“Broken crayons can still colour.”

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