Reading Sings: The only way I could ever stand baseball. Excellent characters, awesome plot!

Reading the SignsReading the Signs by Keira Andrews

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4.25 stars

Athletes + BDSM + age gap = a Dani very happy. YEY!

Andrews nailed it with this story. I don’t even care that I didn’t understand a shit when they were talking about baseball (I know, my bad. Not a big fan of baseball.)

If you are not a big fan of baseball either, let me warn you that the first 35% is mostly about that. The beginning is SLOW and after 45% is when the romance starts to pick up. However, that didn’t stop me from enjoying this story.

Andrews wrote beautiful characters in this one. The MCs were splendid. Jake is 35 years old baseball player that is not so eager about baseball anymore… until he’s traded and he starts spending time with Nico. God, those two together are hot and sweet! Jake is super overprotective and he cares so much about Nico’s well-being that melts my heart. Nico has lots of issues but he kinda overcomes them thanks to Jake.

This story involves so much more than just sex and romance. It’s about acceptance. Accepting who you are and accepting those that are around you. Even if you have some retrograde thoughts *cough* Nico’s Dad *cough*. It’s also about healing and reconciling with those you once hurt (because you were being a completely and jealous asshole.)

Jake and Nico’s journey is not easy. There’s angst, guilt and self-loathing. So be prepared.

Finally, I have to say that the writing was fantastic, everything felt so real that it made me enjoy this story so much. Andrews did an awesome job with Nico’s family. I liked their interactions. I adored Val, she was so supportive and sweet and I liked learning more about Nico’s dad.

This is the second book that I read from Andrews and I must say she doesn’t need to write about zombies to do a great job.

Highly recommended!

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