Evenfall (Volume #2): You can't put it down, you can't stop thinking about it

Evenfall: Volume 2: Director's Cut Evenfall: Volume 2: Director's Cut by Santino Hassell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book enters in the category of books you can’t put down or books you can’t stop thinking about when you close your eyes before going to sleep.

In this still apocalyptic world, Sin and Boyd go to an undercover mission to México where both experience things that put their lives upside-down. What an adventure – I must say. Going to México with Sin and Boyd was a hell of a ride. I was on edge on my seat almost the whole book.

This second volume took a different approach in comparison to Volume one. We saw how this miscommunication elf didn’t stand a chance with Sin and Boyd wanting to work things out so they could live in ‘peace’ and be better partners to each other. You have no idea how happy I was seeing my boys talking to each other, sharing feelings, and memories. It was just what I needed. And learning what a sweet talker is Sin just killed me.

“You have no idea how much things have changed, how much you changed me and made my life worth a damn. Without you, there’s nothing.”

This journey added many obstacles in their way but at least something good came out of it and it was Boyd and Sin relationship, I said it in my Volumne’s 1 review: they’re good to each other. In this book, I saw how they become more intimate, how they started to support each other and how they unconsciously help each other to heal. That’s good, especially to Sin, who has never known love –which breaks my heart, btw– and Boyd is teaching him something precious. I know they’ll have more difficult moments in the future but I'm not worried about it because as Wendy told me ‘they are meant to be.’ (She said in a more poetic way but I can’t remember exactly her words)

This slow burn is undoubtedly my favorite. It’s certainly one of the best that someone had ever written and I can’t help but love it. The tension between them was so well built that got me on the edge until they finally got together and man…. There were explosions, sparkles, and fire!!!!!!

The writing was amazing as always and I really enjoyed the Spanish and French dialogues, they were amazingly written and they had the accents were where they should! So, well done Santino and Ais.

My only problem was that I couldn’t understand some Mexican's slang, (Vir had to google some of them because that shit ain’t easy unless you’re Mexican) and I can’t imagine how difficult and annoying were those dialogues for people who don't know Spanish/French.

To end my babbling, I just have to say that the way this book ended makes me uneasy because I know that bitch Vivien will make my life (and Boyd and Sin’s) miserable. Not to mention, that was the weakest HFN I’ve ever read!!!!!! But I’m so ready for what is coming next, I’m ready to suffer, to hate, to cry, to yell and to have my heart broken. Someone give me the booze, please!

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